Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I think I Know What The Problem Is

I love pork and cheeseburgers more than I love religious girls.

Pork and cheeseburgers just STFU and goes into your stomach without any arguing, without any need to asslick them or their parents, and without the pork or cheeseburger looking for any reason to deem you as immature.

Pork and cheeseburgers also aren't on a hunt to get into the richest stomach possible to jump into and you don't need to go to a whole other continent just to find one that will jump into your stomach. Contrast this to religious dating where they are sooooo stuck up that they even look for potential spouces on other continents to find a match because on the same god damn continent noone is just fucking good enough.

There are other types of girls besides religious jewish girls. They're too stuck up too full of their own "perfection" and just not necessary.

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