Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where I Stand Now In My Thoughts

My opinion of the morality of jewish observance is sharply contrasted with my opinion of the practicality of jewish observance.

- Kasharut

I can see the morality of not cooking an animal in its mothers milk.

I can see the hyper morality of not consuming dairy and meat together as the digestive system (I don't wanna say cooks) processes whatever is consumed.

- However, cheese is an awesome topping for most meats, the high price of kosher meat makes it a pain in the ass. Pork, shrimp and clams taste good too. Secondly, where I live and work you have to go far to get kosher food.


- I can see no use of electronics on the basis of COMMERCE you idiots electricity costs money. Selling synagogue seats for high holidays is also commerce by the way wink wink ......

- My job is not that structured reserving one day a week as a cool down period makes no sense for me. It will probably make sense when I become a full timer.

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