Friday, April 18, 2014

East Ukrane Wants Jews To Register

Jews should follow and obey the law in democratic Ukrane and not even think about armed self defense. Guns are bad lol

It's just registration not confiscation. roflmao lololol

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NYers have the civics of five year olds.

These idiots are dying to give up more and more liberties for the sake of security.

Otherwise intelligent???? orthodox jews are following the trend.

Even though the Leiby Kletzky murder was done by one of their own, these dipshits are setting up nypd security cameras in their neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I have several things to say on the matter

1) there is no credible evidence of an outside threat to the orthodox community in Brooklyn that would require security cameras

2) the orthodox should watch their kids all the time like normal parents.

3) the closest thing to an outside security threat to the orthodox is black people and their knockout game. be street smart, don't walk too close to a black guy or a group of blacks, know who is in front and who is in back of you, and DO YOUR PUSHUPS AND SITUPS

4) if these ortho idiots had tv, they'd know from watching evening news that cameras catch criminals doin shit all the time and police are not necessarily able to find them.

5) it's only a matter of time before some entrepreneur at NYPD uses these cameras for revenue enhancement.

so in summary

- the cameras do not appear to address a real threat
- everyone is going to have to smile for the nypd even though they are not criminals.
- you can bet your ass nypd will look into how to use these cameras to rip people off.

and on top of that, only one thing is known to successfully deter and/or eliminate criminals-

citizens with guns.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ROFLMAO Judaism too much bull shit

lol look at all the fighting between the avi Weiss camp and the Israeli rabbinate.

seriously just practice your religion and go your own.

Judaism seriously takes the fun out of life on every level.