Monday, October 15, 2012

Police Brutality In NYC

A punk police officer looking for an easy target went all Muhammad Ali on a drunk jewish guy at a troubled youth center. The drunk guy resisted arrest a little bit but the drunk guy wasn't throwing punches or anything the cop clearly overreacted clobbering the victim pinning him down and then still clobbering him.

Why couldn't the male cop just pin down the person resisting arrest? The answer is because female cops are simply not strong enough to help male cops pin down a suspect. Since the male cop had a useless female cop as a partner, the male cop overreacted to beat the shit out of the suspect before subduing him INSTEAD OF simpily pinning him.

This just comes to show that female cops are a politically correct danger to society. It would be like having 5 foot firefighter who don't have the strength to lift people out of a building.

And then the victim gets charged with assaulting a police officer? O.o Resisting arrest? ok whatever he kinda did. Assaulting a police officer is a total bull shit charge that will just cost the victim or the state moneeeeeeey to defend.

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