Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So I did a google search on "Why Keep Shabbos"

and this is what came up on the front page:

The Shabbat Gateway: How to Keep Shabbat
It is my hope now to begin, with Hashem's help, a major project: to discuss Shabbos (Shabbat) from A to Z, details about every moment from preparing for - Cached - Similar
Shabbat Checklist and Basic Laws
May 15, 2004 ... Cooking is not allowed on Shabbat, but keeping cooked food warm during Shabbat ( and in some cases, warming up cooked food that is cold) is - Cached - Similar
The Jewish Connection: Keeping Shabbos In Hollywood: My Name is ...
Jun 10, 2006 ... "Shortly after I first started keeping Shabbos, I got my first job as a staff writer on a sit-com. It was the ninety-ninth rated show out of - Cached - Similar
I really want to keep Shabbat but I'm finding it very difficult ...
Jan 31, 2008 ... I really want to keep Shabbat but I'm finding it very difficult. I'm a smoker, so that's a big hurdle, and not answering the phone or htm - Cached - Similar
Are Messianic Jews Commanded To Keep Shabbat? « The Rosh Pina Project
Apr 19, 2010 ... The priests of Aaron were not at liberty to keep Shabbat. ... Messianic Jews are not commanded to keep Shabbat. Share this: - Cached
Hilchos Shabbos
Welcome to an illustrated presentation of How to Keep Shabbos. How to Make Shabbos by Harav Hagoan Areh Lieb Berenbaum zt'l. 45 pictures illustrating the - Cached - Similar
YouTube - How To Keep Shabbat [p1 of 4]
9 min - Jul 20, 2009 - Uploaded by omedyasharSUBSCRIBE, FAVORITE, and COMMENT! On Shabbath, our speech should pertain to the holiness of the
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Keeping Shabbat and “non-Jews” « On Becoming Devoted
Jan 28, 2011 ... For instance, why would one assume I am aiming to fully keep Shabbat? Have I said so? Have I asked for their insight about my Shabbat - Cached
Remember the Day of Shabbat - To Keep it Holy - OU.ORG
Remember the Day of Shabbat To Keep it Holy. "I have a precious gift in my treasury," said G-d to Moshe; "Shabbat is its name; go and tell Israel I wish to - Cached - Similar
Power of Keeping Shabbat Miracles today Moshiach Times
Feb 24, 2009 ... The lawyer was dumbfounded and he said, “In the decades I've been in this profession, I have never had anything like - Cached

So in other words, nothing on Why Keep Shabbos.

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