Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Keep Shabbat Part 2

The Christian websites taught me more about the Sabbath than the Jews did since the jews expect you to and the Christians bother to convince you to, to a much larger extent.

Turns out the Old Testament elaborates on its own reasons for the Shabbat-

1) It is a sign of the covenant betwen God and the Jews and a particular way of connecting to God.

2) it affirms 7 day creation (whether you want to take that literally or not)

3) it is a holy convocation

4) God in Isaiah gives a prosperity blessing to Sabbath keepers.


Anonymous said...

Paging Captain Obvious...

SJ said...

Yeah I was waiting for someone to say that. Orthodox Jews NEVER NEVER NEVER mention number 4 they just mention Shabbat as a demand from God.

Paging captain MORON. XD

Captain Obvious said...

I think the people who have been keeping Shabbos for over 2500 years understand the reason(s) behind it. Point number four is superfluous, though I suppose it gives you a convenient excuse to call someone a moron, which is great seeing as petty insults are the limit of your intellectual and argumentative capabilities.

SJ said...

Not really. It was presented to me as a man obligated to God thing without an (earthly) reward basically a do it or die kind of thing.