Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remember this one? Obama's NASA Doesn't Send People To Space

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the NASA of B. Hussein Obama does kiss Islamic butt.

Kissing Islamic butt wouldn't be so bad if NASA were still sending Americans into space on American rockets (instead of Russian rockets that may or may not work).

B. Hussein Obama's NASA ceased to be the space agency and now they are the Kiss- Muslim-Butt agency.


Anonymous said...

Why is NASA even a fucking issue? We beat the Commie bastards (they beat us early on with Sputnik, but we beat them back HARDER with Apollo), the Cold War is over, the Soviet system is dead!

Why should anyone even care anymore? Obama or his rivals, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, Left or Right, Jew or Goy... ANYBODY? Why should we care about NASA or the American government-funded space program anyways? Personally if I were president I would fight to minimize NASA. (I would never actually abolish the agency entirely but I would reduce it to a token space agency.)

I think that space exploration, while a worthwhile goal, is no longer a productive use of the taxpayer's resources. It might be different if we did anything constructive, but the whole project is a tax sink and makes the best and most brilliant scientists into welfare queens.

Personally I am not anti-space exploration, I am very much pro-space exploration! I am anti-government monopoly. Private corporations can probably pick up where the US government left off. Maybe build a space elevator? At least one private corporation in the USA is seriously dedicated to that project. NASA abandons it for some crappy, dangerous vacuum-proof aircraft from the 1970s strapped to disposable rockets, having failed to take heed of the Challenger or Columbia disasters.

P.S. What's this Islamic shit? You are sounding like Fatso the Yiddish Clown (aka Debbie Schlussel) with your, "t3h Mouzlims are everywhere, I'm shitting myself!" paranoia. I don't get the connection between NASA or Al Quaeda. Did Osama bin Laden fake the moon landing?

SJ said...

Look hard to try to find a suggestion of a link between NASA and Al Quaeda and then get back to me. XD