Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Found Osama! He Is Obama!

Today I spoke with a friend of mine who came to the United States with his family in order to lead a better life and achieve the American dream, something we all hope to experience.

However, the American Dream is in doubt for millions of people because we have a president who is literally murdering the American Dream in the name of income redistribution.

The people wanted jobs.

Instead deficit increasing unemployment checks and food stamps that puts the USA on a dangerous path to inflation.

Obama has no idea how to create a job. Obama never worked in business. Obama never created a job in his life. Prior to becoming president, Obama has had ZERO management / administrative experience, and now he is president of the world's most powerful country in bad economic times. The only thing Obama does know how to do, is spread the wealth around and try to buy votes with government aid programs.

In other words, Obama is a man-child. Anyone who has ever owned/ran a small business and hired people would automatically be more qualified to be president than Obama is. See, when it comes to their businesses in Manhattan and Hollywood, liberals understand the need for the relevant experience in order to attain a managerial position. However when it comes to politics, and especially Obama, there is obviously a mental disconnect in between needing experience to manage a business and needing experience to manage any level of government.

Obama wants to bring up the lower economic tier of society by bringing down the higher tier when the way capitalism works is that the higher tiers do indeed bring up the lower tiers. Obama on the other hand, wants to bring dooooooooooown the higher tiers. The USA has the highest corporate taxes in the world. Let us relieve businesses of their tax burden (this would also entail lowering spending) and watch the unemployment rate shrink.

Also, another thing. the Obamas think that the law does not apply to them. We have Michelle Obama who campaigned at a polling station. Violation!!!!!!!! And we have Obamacare, that takes the U.S. constitution and rips it to shreds. The federal government has no power to force people to buy anything. It's not in the constitution. Commerce Clause? By law, health insurance (I said healthcare before when I was winging it but it is specifically health insurance) is not interstate commerce. However, who needs the constitution when you are Obaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa? Obama wants a kinder, gentler America.

The constitution is America.

Without the constitution, we have nothing. Without the constitution, we have mob rule. In this case, we have Obama Chicago Mob rule.

We know Obama is not post-racial because Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are not in jail.

We know Obama is not post-partisan because Obama never appears on Fox News.

We know Obama is not fixing the economy.

We know Obama is going after Arizona instead of going after Iran.

Thankfully in November we have a chance to mitigate Obama's madness.

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