Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Things, One Regarding Democrats And The Other Regarding Mellock's Comment.

Ok, this post is going to cover two completely different issues one at a time.

First. The next time you hear someone like a liberal democrat cry about "rich Republicans," remember this:

New York Times: Democrats Outspend G.O.P. in TV Ads in House Races

Ok time for issue number two which is Mellock's comment and it's a totally different subject.

>> 1) SJ, I am happy that you enable comment moderation to censor comments on your blog. It truly shows the integrity and open-mindedness of the right (and thus the hypocrisy of the left) in regards to dissenting points of view! By banning leftists, you ensure a balanced debate.

- I enabled comment moderation when someone went on my blog to claim the Torah overtly allows abortion. It was such an absurd claim, I'm not going to be bothered arguing with someone who is soooooo off the wall.

- I don't block people for simply disagreeing with me if they can argue it rationally. Noone on the left claims the Torah overtly allows abortion.

>> I am also, somewhat flattered that you give me such undeserved attention. (A whole blog post for me? A simple comment post in reply would have been enough!)

I think exposing Shalmo is an issue worthy of its own post because Shalmo tries to influence the opinion of Jews using atheist aguments, without disclosing that Shalmo is in fact Islamic.

>> At the same time, I am a bit creeped out, however, like you have some kind of crush on me. Anyways, I think your conclusion regarding Shalmo is extraordinarily moronic!

You are the one coming to my blog. I will no longer be accepting personal attacks through comment moderation.

>> It never occurred to you that Shalmo might be a moderate Muslim or even just a wannabe-Muslim. Apparently there is nothing between "atheist" and "Taliban Muslim." If that's the case with Islam, would you concede the same with Judaism? That there is no continuum between atheistic secular Jew and ultra-Orthodox Judeo-Nazi (ala Jakkkob Stein)?

Mellock, here's where you need to pay attention. I didn't say that there's no continuum. Shalmo's beliefs regarding the State of Israel puts him on par with Islamic fundamentalists such as Hamas, Hizbollah, and Iran.

>> Wouldn't it be more parsimonious to conclude that Sham-O falls between the extremes than to claim that he is simultaneously both?

It's called having mixed feelings. People have mixed feelings all the time though not to the acuteness that Sham-o does.

>> After all, the onus is on you to explain why Shalmo claims to be a monotheist, bad-mouths and bitches about atheism, talks shit about notable atheists, etc.

Mellock, reread. I did not say that Shalmo "bad-mouths and bitches about atheism, talks shit about notable atheists."

>> Likewise, if Shalmo is an Islamist (note the -ist suffix), why hasn't he asked one of his Islamist buddies to put a hit out on JP? (JP's defamation of the Islamic faith, the Prophet, and the Koran, not to mention his demand for a genocide against Muslims makes him more than eligible for a fatwah! Yet Sham-O still cozies up to him...

Mellock and JP are both anti-Zionist. That's their common ground.

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