Saturday, October 23, 2010


NPR has disgraced itself by firing Juan Williams for expressing his honest feelings about Muslims in airplanes. Since NPR receives federal funding, NPR should be represntative of what's going on in the current American discourse, not just one side of the discourse, and what Williams said is very mainstream.

Now that we know that NPR is not a forum for open discussion, NPR must not be allowed to receive public money.

Also disgusting is how NPR executive Vivian Schiller tried to label Williams as "psychotic" after Williams put in 10 years of work at NPR. This is typical of the left's "strategy" of trying to label tea partiers like Carl Paladino and Christine O'Donnell as "crazy" because of their platforms of fiscal responsibility. Calling for fiscal responsibility scares the left to death because if the platform is put into practice they will no longer be able to buy votes with government programs.

Sure, Obama talks about reducing the deficit but it's while he signs bills that INCREASES the deficit. To diverge for a moment, on one hand Obama tells the Mexicans he's for immigration reform, on the other hand his Democrat underlings tell Fox News that Obama deports more illegals than Bush, which I am for by the way, but still the point stands that Obama is a BULL SHIT ARTIST.

Last point is I have to question Schiller's reason for firing that News Analysts aren't allowed to give "opinions." Since when can a workplace control what you can do outside of work hours? Schiller's firing of Williams and attempt to character assassinate him reeks of mafia tactics and NPR has displayed a lack of journalistic and personal ethics.

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