Monday, May 24, 2010

ROFL @ OBAMA Obama approval rating down to 44% 63% wants repeal of Obamacare Democrat Freshmen Run Away From Obama A Republican now has the House seat for Obama's home district in Hawaii.

This is all good news. The extent that Obamacare defecated on the constitution is immense. The federal government has the power to regulate interstate commerce, and yet, by law, health insurance is not interstate commerce. Earth to Democrats, the USA is a federal republic, not a communist dictatorship.

In other news, representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), a member of the Kennedy family, has used outrageous hyperbole slandering the people of Arizona by equating standard immigration enforcement with the slave trade.

It gets even more pathetic when you get the attorney general Eric Holder, the homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano, and President Obama himself admitting that they did not read the Arizona immigration law. Here is an awesome commercial Arizona's Governor Brewer put out to address this:

Lastly, Eric Holder needs to stop being gay and actually state that the terrorist threat is coming from Islamic radicalism. Oooooooooooh you don't want to dis a religion? Well, why should ordinary muslims be offended if it's only the extremist nutcases doing the terrorism shit? The ordinary muslims shouldn't be offended by calling the terrorist threat what it is, because it's not from the ordinary muslims.

The Obama Administration can't even be straight about where the terrorist threat is coming from. The Obama Administration can't even fix the economy. The Obama administration has no plan for Iran. You can go on and on.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Final point: Obama will be president until at least 2012 and no one can prevent that. Imagine the damage he can do between now and then and realize your glee accomplishes nothing.

SJ said...

The GOP is doing what it can to minimize Obama's damage.