Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Just No, Hell No

Hell no to-

  • Government ownership of banks and car companies.

  • Value added tax, Obama's dream.

  • Government take over of healthcare (it will underprice private insurance and be of lesser quality).

  • All of the extra taxes in Obamacare.

  • Being forced to buy health insurance. You can't have people pay to exist.

  • Having the IRS of all agencies force people to buy health insurance.

  • Amnesty for illegal alien lawbreakers. American jobs should go to Americans first.

  • Not being straight up about where the terrorist threat is coming from.

  • Obama saying that the national debt has to be reduced and then increasing it himself.

  • Ending the space shuttle program and the moon program.

  • Dropping the ball on the Mars program.

  • Obama being serious on East Jerusalem (which belongs to the Jews) and not being serious on Iran.

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