Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas School Board Travesty

From watching Fox news, we learn that in the Texas school board meetings, the Democrats were crying when conservatives proposed to refer to Barack Husein Obama as Barack Hussein Obama in textbooks. You can also see the story here in MSNBC-Pravda (MSNBC is owned by General Electric whose CEO sits on Obama's Economic Advisory Board)

Other middle names of presidents get mentioned in textbooks. Obama's last name should be reported too. Awwwwwww the name Hussein may have bad connotations? It is offensive T.T to refer to Barack Hussein Obama as Barack Husseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiin Obama?

It is the job of history to report the truth and nothing but the truth regardless of someone's feelings.

In fact Obama's middle name is quite relevant to Obama's election because it was considered by at least some of Obama's supporters as a factor in a perceived need for improved diplomacy with the Islamic world. That should be in textbooks since it is apart of the political winds that were going on that led to Obama's election.

Too bad Obama can't use his magic mouth to get the three American hikers * cough * hostages * cough * released from Iran. Iran wants to use the hikers for a prisoner exchange.


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