Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill IS Obama's Katrina

As per the Reuters article the drilling rig exploded on April 11th and Obama waited until April 29th to pledge "every single available resource."

In contrast, Katrina started in the week of April 23-26, 2005 (it's increase in strength was gradual); and in August 27th, Bush declared a disaster area in Louisiana for it to get federal relief funds.

With all the propaganda the Mainstream Media gave about Bush and Katrina, it seems to me that Bush did not even have "a Katrina" and that the gulf coast oil spill is indeed, Obama's Katrina.

To joke around for a moment, since some liberals called Bush a racist for "waiting so long" to respond to Katrina, perhaps Obama is racist against marine life for waiting so long to deal with the oil spill. XD


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

Yes, odd how the same people who couldn't stop criticizing Bush's admittedly lousy response to Katrina are suddenly silent.

SJ said...

They're all racist against seafood. XD