Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trust In Obama For He Is Not a Retard.......

and neither is his treasury secretary Geithner.

It's just that ..... Geithner never had a real job. O.O

Don't you think that the treasury secretary of the world's most powerful country should have sooooooome private sector experience? Just a little maybe? So basically we have B. Hussein Obama who has no economic experience prior to becoming president, and his appointee Timothy Douschebag Geithner who never had a private sector job.

Trust in B. Husseiiiiiiiin Obamina, for he shall fix the economy, exactly as the geek Robert Gibbs says that Obamina will. Puuleeaaaaze. Looks more to me like Obama prefers route 666 instead of route $$$ since Obama is also a total communist.

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