Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A More Dangerous World

The unemployment rate is up to 9.9% Not enough jobs are being created.

Israel says that North Korea is shipping WMDs to Syria.

Russia says it may build a nuclear power plant in Syria.

Iran can get atomic weapons in 2 years.

In Obama's watch, terrorists have resumed attempts to attack in American soil (underwear bomber, Fort Hood, Time Square)

Is now really the best time to have a president with no prior economic experience who has a dovish approach to the middle east?

The fact of the matter is B. Hussein Obama has absolutely zero economic experience before becoming president, and it shows in this Obama route 666 economy. In election 2012, it would seem to me to be wiser to make sure that presidential candidates have plenty of private sector experience so we can make sure that they know how to create jobs.

We also need someone who believes in American exceptionalism, something that Obama does not believe in. We also need someone who is a foreign policy hawk. Obama is no hawk.

Obama is not making everything better, Obama is making everything worse. We need someone like Bush.

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