Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Message From SJ

This Christmas, I would like to remind everyone that our rights come from God. The constitution does not grant rights, the constitution protects them. The right to bear arms comes from God. The right to free speech freedom of religion freedom of assembly freedom of everything else, comes from God.

New York City and every other liberal district violates both federal law and God's law by taking the guns away thereby making society safe for the criminals and unsafe for the regular people.

By the way, in Sodom it was also safe for criminals and unsafe for regular people.

In New York City, gay marriage and pot smoking is accepted. In Sodom they definitely had gay marriage and drugs.

Heaven says that God will abolish gay marriage himself if he has to. He has done it before. God actually means what he says when he calls something an abomination. Don't confuse yourselves.

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