Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Intellectual Honesty

Despite the plain text of what I wrote in my previous post, my intent was not necesarily to get people mad at religious girls (ok maybe a little roflmao) but rather to get people mad at the religious establishment and push for cheaper yeshiva, home schooling, and even public schooling.

In NYC universities, yeshiva kids are perfectly devout despite being surrounded with other types of people and ideas.

See the thing with me personally is, I just love nonkosher food more than I love religious girls. There is no competition. Religious girls you gotta asslick them and the parents and the rabbis and nonkosher food just goes down your stomach without any ass licking and it tastes good.

On top of that, jewish girls have a tendency to judge a man's maturity based on either how liberal he is (if she is a libbbbral jew), or whether or not he likes cheeseburgers (or pick any other arbitrary thing that orthodoxy prohibits).

Not only are there better ways to estimate a man's maturity, WHO THE FUCK made the religious girls the self proclaimed standard bearers of maturity? I sure as hell didn't.

Anyways, I have three things I need in a girl. One is that she's hot, two is that she's fun to chill with, and three is that she's ethical. That's it. No fucking bull shit minutae questions that goes on in shidduch forms.

I've had a personal situation today where I learned something about intellectual honesty. No matter how much a person thinks that he has facts and logic on his side, there can AAAAAAAAAAAAAALWAYS be something that he is missing. It is therefore never intellectually honest for a person to get angry. What we modernites expect from religious people that they leave open the possibility that they are wrong, we must expect from the individual when he has the urge to be upset or angry that he leaves open the possibility that he is in the wrong.

Ultimately, it is impossible for a human to see all possible angles to a situation, and only God can be relied upon to be intellectually honest enough to judge a situation with a proper balance of mercy and justice. We can finally understand turn the other cheek.

It took me a while to understand this because to be honest, orthodox judaism (something i was in and out of waaay back in another era) has no concept of answering serious questions with serious answers and I was left to figure shit out for myself to the best of my ability.

Now going back to jewish girls, they're either liberal or they're strict with the religion. I have no need for either. (And I'm not going to stop talking about politics. Libs don't stop talking about politics. AAAAAAAAAND I'm not going to stop eating treif.) It's probably a little bit them but its also a defense mechanism on my part because if I get rejected by a girl I kinda like it just feels accute like a spear going through my chest maybe moreso than the way it would feel to other people. It could be my defense mechanism kicking in but I just don't feel any possibility with religious or liberal girls (yes I know, especially after a certain change of religious belief which I haven't even made public in real life yet. i haven't even walked into a church yet; making an actual change of religion formal is a whole nother ball game than reading stuff on the internet). I have absolutely zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzero desire to go through that feeling again. The spear in chest. Ugh.

As far as I'm concerned I'm just gonna do my thing and whatever girl I end up with as long as she's hot, fun, and ethical.

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