Friday, September 21, 2012

So It Seems That Shmarya Is Back

in libtard mode and criticizes a synagogue for banning beggars from the premesis. I have several things to say to that.

First of all, prayer is a time for meditation. You can't meditate properly if you got beggars with cups in your face especially NYC beggars. Just because someone is poor doesn't give them the right to interrupt the small amount of time you can allocate for your spirituality. Everyone no matter the income level, is entitled to a quality spiritual experience. IT'S NOT A CRIME.

Second of all, in NYC and in other metros panhandlers scam alot and they use the money for drugs. Would Shmarya bitch out and start his faggot little PMSing if the synagoguge allowed the beggers in but with mandatory drug testing and background checks to see if they really needed it? Especially with what I remember from my yeshiva days; in Jewish tradition, how the charity money is used by the recipient matters on whether there will be reward for the charity or not.

Third, the synagogue's policy towards beggars in the premesis i.e. NOT THERE TO PRAY, has no bearing on how charitable the congregants are.

Fourth, Shmarya is an unemployed e-beggar who has no money to give to charity himself. Shmarya takes charity from his blog readers and calls it a "job." lol

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