Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Orthodox Gender $eparation Holiness Or Profiteering?

Why did I put in the $ for S in gender $eparation?

Check this out.

The average rate for jewish matchmakers ($hadchans) is a whopping TWO TOOOUUUUSAND DOLLAAAAAAAAH and the matchmakers are of course needed because of the gender separation in the orthodox community and even when there isn't complete separation like in secular universities orthodox young adults are still strongly discouraged from dating and marrying on their own.

As a result, orthodox families get ass raped by the part of the clerical class that handles matchmaking.

Clearly, gender $eparation (which is not even demanded in the Tanach) is good business for the clerical class in orthodox society. If people could date and marry normally it would mean less income redistribution towards them.


frum single female said...

love this

SJ said...

bet you can relate, huh.

frum single female said...


SJ said...

So are you gonna keep spending endless dollars to meet whoever you are going to end up with or are you going to demand change?