Thursday, August 30, 2012

I loved Romney's Speech Here Is A Quick Review

Let us assume for a moment that you are a liberal who believes that Obama has been good on social issues like contraceptives and gay marriage.

There's one tiny little problem with that. You can't take contraceptives and gay marriage to the bank.

You can't buy food with contraceptives and gay marriage.

With Romney, you will be able to buy food.

In Obama's personal history, President Obama is the son of the legal, university educational, political activist and public sectors. President Obama's background may appear as vast, but it is NOT economic experience.

Romney is a son of the private sector, he's led businesses though thick and thin; Romney has made businesses bigger so that they had to hire more people and Romney knows how to create a good environment to induce jobs growth in the private sector.

Romney is the man we need in the White House since of course, America's biggest problem is jobs. The other big problem is the national debt and being a son of the private sector, Romney has plenty of experience living within his budget.

Obama's performance on the economy has been so shitty that the liberal media has made up the bull shit phrase called a "jobless recovery," a phraseology worthy Orwell's book 1984. Recovery for the average Joe and Jane MEANS jobs.

America does not need cool speeches or even a cool president. America needs a president with a proven history of job creation. The presidency of the United States is ultimately an executive position where results are demanded, not the stage of a rock star where entertainment is demanded.

I loved the optimism, and positiveness that Romney exuded, and Romney is a family man. Nobody is perfect but Romney is basically a good guy and he has the experience necessary to tackle the most pressing challenges that the USA currently faces while Obama has experience in growing jobs in the IRS because they need enforcers for the individual mandate for Obamacare and Obama has experience in growing czar jobs to circumvent the requirement that cabinet members be confirmed by the senate.

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