Sunday, January 15, 2012

Latest News: JP Stuns Blogosphere With His Wisdom

JP has convinced the Atheist Rabbi to become straight, and orthodox.

JP has given "Atheist Rabbi" something called Kick In The Balls Therapy which works by making gays hold their balls in pain after a couple of good kicks and making them realize they need to get laid by women in order to heal up.

Now, "Atheist Rabbi" is officially straight.

Next, JP hit "Atheist Rabbi" with some of his philosophy and even made him into an orthodox rabbi! This is how atheist rabbi looks now:

Good work, JP!


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Here's why you guys are all a bunch of morons:
JP is an inciter. He is looking for attention and knows the easiest way to get it is to say something inflammatory or insulting. When his hit count goes down he ups the ante by attacking someone personally. This has been his pattern for years.
Yet the response from the atheist/skeptic side of the blogsphere is always the same: a rabid counterattack that fails to deter or dissuade him from doing the same thing in the future because by attacking him YOU ARE GIVINGI HIM THE ATTENTION HE CRAVES!
I tried warning Tova about this and got flamed by her and her "friends". That does not change the correctness of my position.

In summary: don't feed the bear and he'll go away.

SJ said...

lol I was never involved in any counterattack that the OTD bloggers launched on JP. I'm just kidding around in this thread.

but yeah, you're right.