Friday, October 7, 2011

Yearly Yom Kippur Rant

Yom Kippur has got to be thee most corrupt holiday ever in terms of the way it is practiced. After the fast, it's business as usual. Yom Kippur is utterly devoid of intellectual honesty. People only apologize to friends who they have done nothing wrong to as opposed to making an apology to someone who may be upset with them.

On top of that, synagogues charge for seats when commerce is supposedly prohibited on Yom Tov.

That being said, there ARE positive health benefits to fasting that can't be ignored, and no it's not the halacha = self control crap. With all the violence and intimidation the religious do they have no self control argument.

Simply do a google search for health benefits of fasting to pull up the information.

If you fast, don't do it to fit in with the religious, perhaps you may do it for God, but most of all, it's for your own health.

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