Monday, May 23, 2011

At Least Obama Is Having Fun

While 14 million Americans go unemployed (what the government is admitting to). Shouldn't Imam B. Hussein Obama save the partying for after the economy gets fixed? XD Oh wait, we know that's never going to happen because Obama has no freaken clue HOW to fix the economy.


ksil said...

he doesnt have a magic wand?

i'm sure there is a conservative out there with a magic wand that can get us out of this recession!!


its going to take YEARS to get us out of the mess Bush put us in.

SJ said...

Now who was in charge of Congress since 2006? Democrats!

So, allow me to fix ...

its going to take YEARS to get us out of the mess Bush AND the Democratic Congress put us in..... if we still go by Obama's policies.

Republicans will do a better job creating an environment for job growth because the Republicans will go easy with the costly regulations on companies. Companies will have more money to expand under a Republican presidency & congress.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Or you could just realize that America has not had a financially responsible president since... um....

Yeah, and that both parties in Congress spend more time on petty fights and staking out their own turf than cooperating to come up with a good compromise for the country.

As Shakespeare said, a pox on both their houses.