Monday, April 4, 2011

I finally understand what spirituality is.

It took a couple of years of thinking about it since the word itself seemed sooooooooooo abstract. This is what I came up with. Spirituality is the realization that the physical world is generated by God via information sent to your brain from forces that emanate from what seem to be the physical matter. I don't agree with philosophers who outright say that this world is fake but it seems like a better formula to say that this world is generated and when you are in God's presence upon death it is a realer world than this one. Anyways, I'm torn again. Christianity speaks to me academically, you can't deny global flood stories, you can't deny Israel's rebirth at the time the Bible predicted, and you can't deny things from archaeology such as Papyrus Leiden I 344 (10 plagues stuff), (jews obviously deny the stuff about Jesus but) seems to me it happened the way the New Testament said; but the Dhammapada (Buddhism) speaks to me emotionally as an escape from samsara. The question of the day is to what extent God intervenes in our daily lives. Who the hell knows.

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