Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaylord Shmarya Strikes Again

So, Shmarya calls this Israeli rabbi by the name of Shmuel Eliyahu a racist for saying that jews should not rent or sell property to non jews. What gaylord Shmarya fails to understand is that while we in the west consider political sovereignty and legal ownership of real estate to be TWO different concepts, the middle east does not really make that distinction so much. That's why the palestinians cry that they are being occupied even though there never once was a palestinian state.

Libtard Shmarya.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Unfortunately Shmarya is simply falling for a subtle version of racism himself.
Most Arab countries around Israel have laws restricting who can own property on racial/ethnic grounds. However, because they are seen as savages with electricity, folks don't criticize them because they're not capable of doing better.
Jews, on the other hand, feel they can strive for more ethical actions even if such actions lead to the destruction of the state. Better to die with pure hands?

SJ said...

Over there if you own land it's like your nationality/race owns it. Eliyahu isn't being a racist in racism he's being a geopolitician in geopolitics.

Peaceful Solution said...

Ideally, Arabs should be sterilized. 'Nuff said!

They are the lowest of all "human" races. Jews are far from perfect and have their own fair share of problems, faults, and flaws, but Jews have a track record of great accomplishment and have made grand contribution to human civilization. Jews gave the world geniuses like Freud, Einstein, and others. What geniuses have Arabs given the world? Well, there's al-Khwarizmi, ibn Khaldun... But how about in the last five or so centuries? [crickets]

Key difference between Arabs and Jews? We can do better! Arabs cannot... This is the best they can do. As bad as they claim Jews treat their Arabs, do Arabs treat their own any better? Arabs are incapable of civilization or democracy. US policy dealing with these desert savages is highly flawed. The track record is abysmal when dealing with these superstitious sub-human troglodytes. Only two types of regimes have succeeded in the Arab world: "secular" pan-Arabist dictatorships, or Islamist regimes.

Israeli Jews should unite with Turks, Kurds, and Syriacs against these barbarian invaders.

SJ said...

>> Arabs are incapable of civilization or democracy

Charedim are barely capable of democracy.