Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post Purim Jewish News And SJ's Personal Opinion Blotter

>> ROI Giving Microgrants for alot of bull shit.

So it seems, the Jewish establishment is doing the same bull shit it always does to try to get the jews "engaged" heeeeey give cash to some select elite group of people and hope everyone goes to some social action bull shit something or other. This is not going to stop jewish society from atrophying membership. Not at all. The jews need to be radically different than they are now if they wanna get their retention rates into a comftorable level. The retention rate of jewish society is much worse than anyone in the Jewish establishment is willing to admit. Giving cash to followers to promote religion / faith community is DESPERATION.

>> Over 60 Jewish groups condemn boycott movement

Over 60 Jewish groups are condemning the movement on college campuses to divest from Israel. Now, I am a zionist and I believe that in the Middle East, Israel is in the right and the Arabs are in the wrong. I will also say again that the Jews utterly failed to make their case on college campuses. Complaining about antisemitism from a boycott movement, instead of making your case to the public, seems to me like alot of sore loser whining. And I say this as a complete Israel supporter.

>> Chabad Of Tokyo Reopened


Israel and the USA are looking to build bridges with Latin America to prevent Iran from having influence.

>> Israel Nabs Terrorist Weapons Being Shipped To Iran

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