Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jewish News And SJ's Personal Opinion Blotter

>> Asshole arrogant morons are trying to tell people to "calm down" when talking about politics. Apparently passionate speech makes these idiots cry.

From the article "A coalition of Jewish groups is launching a civility initiative meant to ratchet down the rhetoric around hot-button issues, from the political wrangling in Madison to what's best for state of Israel."

Ratchet down the rhetoric. lol never gonna happen. People can say whatever the hell they want in political speech, it's the USA. duh.

From the article "The effort, modeled after a national program begun last year by the New York-based Jewish Council for Public Affairs, initially will target Milwaukee's Jewish community. But organizers hope eventually to engage a wider interfaith audience."

ROFL ok so after they teach poor unenlightened jews how to talk politics properly (don't offend the poor leftists lol) then they are gonna go out and teach the goyem how to talk properly! lol wow soooo arrogant.

>> 2,500 Japanese Jews raised $35,000 for food and shelter for needy.

Despite the fact that Japan always votes with the Arabs at the U.N.

>> 50 Mortar Shells Fired Into Israel, 2 Injured

Hamas struck again yesterday. Gotta love how liberal jews are like Never Again! Never Again! about preventing the holocaust. Really? Then why is Hamas still in existence? It could be because the Israeli version of the American libtard is preventing Hamas' destruction by the IDF.

>> Haitian double amputee returns from Israel with new legs

>> New Kosher Deli In South Tampa For Members Only

Having a restaurant (kosher or not) for members only makes no sense to me. And yes, kosher meat is an ideal due to inspecting the lungs of the animal, but it is delusional to pretend that nonkosher meat is some kind of a medical risk.


smb said...

When we take out terrorists, the world screams. But people don't care when we are hurt.
Anyway, at least we have each other.

Cora said...

Hey SJ...did you read the latest interview at YM&R?

Thought you might like it ;)

SJ said...

Yeah I read it. People switch religions once in a while. It's nothing new in life.

Cora said...


I thought you might like reading it because he practices Messianic Judaism. Is that not what you are leaning towards in your personal beliefs?

Reading it I thought you might like his interview and reading his blogs as a source or support for your growing beliefs.

Of course people switch religions every once in a while...and when it happens it's nice to know there are others out there.

SJ said...

i am a jew who believes in Jesus, yes, but I am aware of how nonmainstream messianic judaism is. I am probably going to straight up go to Christianity within a year or two.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Despite your best efforts at denial, you already have.

Cora said...

Nothing wrong with being non-mainstream, you know ;) As a memember of a non-mainstream belief's all good.

Curious though, why in a year or two? Do you plan on officially joining a denomination at that point? Have you begun researching into the differences between all of them?

Garnel does have a point: if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, only begotten Son of God, etc... then you are Christian in heart and mind. However, to become "official" and all you'll have to be baptized.

If you have any questions about any of it, I'll be happy to answer them :)

SJ said...

>> Despite your best efforts at denial, you already have.

What denial? I am aware I already am a Christian, mentally. I am talking about making it official.

As to why so long, there's stuff I got to take care of at home first. And I don't have questions.

Cora said...

Alrighty then.

So sorry for offering information.