Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The Anti-semitism.net people have officially proven themselves to not have any lives.

They posted a link to my previous post Comment Analysis in their archives.

I am now officially anti-semitic against anti-semitism.net. Can someone pleeeeeease explain to me how archiving blog posts fights anti-semitism? It doesn't.

Anti-semitism & Anti-Israel sentiments rises all around the world and noone in Jewish organizations that supposedly fights anti-semitism gets FIIIIIIIIIIIIREEEEEEEED.


Which is why I believe that Jewish organizations are just mutual dick sucking societies.

How is this for a hasbara strategy:

- focus Islamic anger to where it really belongs: their own god damn dictators.

- spread knowledge of Hamas' charter so people know exactly how sick these bastards really are.

- spread the positive aspects of jewish culture, of which there is only one thing I can think of lol ..... Food. XD

The jewish organizations are too full of politically correct pussies in order to pursue any kind of a real hasbara or philo-semitism promotion.

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