Sunday, January 9, 2011

Comment Analysis

In the thread, Shmarya got mad at me for taking a rather unpopular viewpoint in the Jewish world.

Shmarya tells me-

The issue of whether or not Jews could believe in Jesus and still remain Jewish was settled 1900 years ago and is codified in halakha. The answer is as I stated above – a person can not believe in Jesus and remain Jewish.

And my basic response to this is- I don't caaaaaaaare. Since when did I care about what halacha said?

Indeed, my point is-

If Chabad can believe in the Rebbe (as messiah) and call themelves jews then I can believe in Christ and call myself a jew.

Shmarya himself called me a Hebrew Christian, someone who is jewish ethnically and christian religiously. So, it's a little bit silly for Shmarya to get worked up over me calling myself SJ.

Then Shmarya gets reaaaaaaaaally mad at me O.O saying

I "flipped out" because you're a smarmy, condescending idiot who pretends to be a secular Jew when you're really a Christian.

Let's analyze this.

Am I smarmy?

Smarmy means- Ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive.

In light of the definition of Smarmy, the answer would be no since I kiss up to noone. I write to provoke thought and maybe a little to get a bit of a rise out of people with different views, but my writing style definitely does NOT fall under the definition of smarmy.

If Shmarya thinks I'm smarmy for being a Christian now, noone in real life except for God himself knows that I hold Christian beliefs. I do not preach Christianity in real life or my blog.

As far as "am I smarmy;" In fact, on the thread from Failed Messiah, I took one of the most unpopular positions in the Jewish community saying that I'm ok with the father in a divorce situation withholding the get to acquire a better custody agreement, since in my opinion * gasp * fathers have rights * gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp * !

I don't blog to score popularity points for myself, I blog to score popularity points for my ISSUES, duh I'm anonymous. In being anonymous, I am at full liberty to have no agenda except to say what I mean and mean what I say. If a person doesn't like it, he is free to go to a different blog or to discuss in comments section.

As far as being condescending is concerned, I am no more or less condescending than anyone else who has a point to prove.

I have no intention of spreading Christianity among Jews there's no biblical need to and I got better things to do, For Shmarya to bring up the Christianity thing was such a bad move that

- at least one person may read about it a little bit more when I told him he can look up his own answers.

- Someone else said that he'd rather be a Christian than an Orthodox Jew in a minute.

As far as the last part of Shmarya's comment is concerned? Do I pretend to be a secular jew?

I am obviously not pretending to be a jew. I am. Even Shmarya said I'm still Jewish but God is gonna punish me etc. I don't know how Shmarya or anyone else can speak for God like that.

Am I pretending to be secular? I accept Christianity and lots of the tenants of secularism as well, without contradiction. I don't feel a need to change my name SJ into something that reflects Christianity because I don't preach it.

If I were preaching Christianity while simply calling it Judaism and not Christianity, as some messianic jews do unfortunately, then Shmarya would have reason to get all worked up. Otherwise, dude, relaaaaaaaax!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing, for Shmarya to get soooooooooooooo worked up, I must have seriously influenced the debate or it wouldn't have mattered. However unfortunately, this should not have been a debate to begin with. One way I differ from the orthodox community is that I view divorces as a private matter between man woman and court of law. Outside friends simply can't know the situation as intimately as the man and woman in the situation, and it's noone else's business.

In conclusion, it's a shame that it has to take an anonymous blogger to say that the father is getting screwed over in the custody agreement. I have no need to try to get laid by a religious girl so that I would have to pay smarmy lip service to the "yes the father must give a get always without question" line.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you might still be a "Jew".
But you sure are a stupid and self-hating one!
Only an uneducated idiot would buy the garbage about JC!!
We must assume that you have some sort of self-hatred and identity problem.

SJ said...

ok genius, how do I hate myself? XD

Anonymous said...

Who cares? You are a meshumad.

SJ said...

And you are a mishmosh.

Garnel Ironheart said...

> Do I pretend to be a secular jew?

Ah but then there's the title of your blog. For the sake of honesty, shouldn't you change it?

SJ said...

This blog is not about Christianity so I feel no need to.

Garnel Ironheart said...

According to that reasoning, I could open a store called "Computer Repair 4 U!" and sell sofas and people would have no right to complain about misleading advertising.

SJ said...

Fact of the matter is I'm not calling my blog one thing and selling another thing.

When I start to sell Christianity on this blog I'll put Christianity in the masthead. Of course, I have no need to sell Christianity.

Garnel Ironheart said...

No one's buying, but that's not the point. You were selling Chrisianity a while back when you put up all that revisionist stuff about how the Bible referenced it before JC was supposedly born and all those arguments you had with Shalmo. (Whatever happened to him and Mellock anyway?)

SJ said...

Only when my belief was being attacked I defended. That's all.

Shalmo and I'm sure Mellock are still around but they are lurkers these days instead of commenters.

I banned Shalmo from commenting here but he commented recently on the you me religion blog to Chaviva. I left Chaviva a memo warning her about him.