Friday, January 21, 2011

God Commanded The Lithuanians To Be Amish

Or so the Lithuanian rabbis think. Heads of Lithuanian Orthodox yeshivot threaten not to attend weddings of students caught with mobile phone on premises.

Two of the commenters on the Failed Messiah thread, Effie and Yochanan Lavie speak of the brand new chumra (I thought that kol chadash ussor min hatorah) as if it were an ordinary school rule regarding cell phones.

However due to the threat to boycott weddings, this goes far beyond being an ordinary school rule into the area of totalitarian thought control.

The orthodox think that they are soooooooo smart and that they have all the answers. Do they? Let's see.

Demographers studying the Jewish landscape in the United States have found that in a cohort measured in the 1990s Orthodox Jews retained only about 42 percent of those born into Orthodox families. Rates of Orthodox affiliation are bolstered by gaining new adherents and by a higher birthrate than other Jewish groups, but Orthodoxy remains essentially stagnant at about 10 percent of Jewish Americans.

42% is an utter failure. It can't possibly be because the orthodox are too damn strict!!!

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