Friday, September 10, 2010

This Kid On The Youtube Video Loves A Good Racial Conflict

This dork tries to imitate Glenn beck and he does a bad job at it. His points are also stupid.

First of all, it is too early to tell who the republican ticket for 2012 will be.

Do we really want to tell gays that gay marriage is illegal? YEEEEES!!!!!!!

Do we really want to tell a pregnant teen that it's immoral? YEEEEES!!!!!!!

And in the same video that this kid cries about the koran burning, he says he wants to pit blacks, hispanics, and gays against whites. This kid is practically calling for the election to be a racial cold war.

Why can't elections just be about issues? Why were liberals trying to play election 2008 as if you disagree with Obama you are a racist? Why is the NAACP going like if you are a tea partier you are a racist? It is just a stupid attempt at silencing opposition.

Michelle Obama is a racist for suggesting that Obama's election is the first time she's proud of her country. Reverend Wright is a racist for saying "God DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN America." That's not the kind of stuff you say out of love.

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