Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Talks


ksil said...

all this rush stuff - do you agree with his opinions?

they are so extreme, no? "leader of the regime"?? what in the...

"its not possible to prove that jobs were saved" its also not possible to disprove it.

do you believe that government should take polls and govern based on those results? or that politicians should legislate based on what their core beliefs are?

do you believe that one man, obama, can DO something, wave a wand, whatever and get millions of people a job?!?!

he is just ranting and raving - hey! if that floats your boat!

SJ said...

I agree with the mainstream conservative viewpoint.

The reason why Rush calls Obama a regime is because the Democrats rammed down health reform while the majority of people did not like Obamacare, and the majority of people supports Arizona and Obama does not.

This is apart of the reason why the Democrats are going to get creamed in November. The other reason of course is the economy.

When Obama runs for office like he's the messiah he's going to be held to that standard.

By the way, I'm sure Rush can run circles around you mentally.

ksil said...

enjoy rush's mental circle running. i hope it gets you through the day!

i woulda agree with you if he didnt rant and rave and actually, rationally, make an argument, address issues and provide ideas instead of bashing, insulting and name calling.

you should know, by bashing the person, you prove you cant win the argument.

quick question: democrats (and obama) ran for office in an election - they ran on a platform. they won. by a mile. are you suggesting that they should not now legislate that platform becasue "the majority did not like obamacare"? - not sure how you can say that if he WON THE ELECTION

kol tuv

SJ said...

>> if he didnt rant and rave and actually, rationally, make an argument.

Ok fine Ksil, I'm going to decode the Rush clip just for you.

"He told us we're going to Hell in a way that we're looking forward to the trip."

Obama and his administration saying that the American era is over and getting people psyched up in his extreme multilateral viewpoint.

See Ksil? Just because you aren't smart enough doesn't mean it's a mindless insult. Listen and learn.

Next point ...

Obama might have crushed McCain in the electorial college, but not in the popular vote which was 52.9% Obama and 45.7% McCain. Indeed, Obama misread his mandate on how far left the country was willing to let him go.