Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yet Another Pro-Illegal Immigration Argument Refuted

The argument: arbitrary immigration restrictions! bla bla bla waaaaaaaaaaaaaah not fair!!!! waaaaaaaaah

Answer: Illegal immigration is ALREADY against the law. The government does not have the right to not enforce the law.


Joseph said...

Was the government right to pass such laws in the first place?

I've noticed that standard liberals call for loosening enforcement of immigration laws but not for repealing them. (It's us "heartless" reactionaries who do that last.) On the other hand, they don't criticize the policy of punishing people who can be shown to have hired illegal aliens. That adds up to a policy of allowing in manual workers but keeping out anybody who needs documentation to get a job, e.g., educated workers. In other words, New York Times readers get to hire low-wage nannies and gardeners but suppress anybody who might compete with them.

SJ said...

Every country has immigration laws, including ironicaly, Mexico.

Joseph said...

This clearly calls for American exceptionalism.