Friday, July 16, 2010

Response to A. Nuran from Fum Satire Comments Section

This will be up until Frum Satire's editor passes my comment through moderation. I think he's away from his blog for Shabbat, so I have my response here in a meantime.

A. Nuran's post from Frum Satire is-

SJ, I’m surprised you could unwrap your lips from around Rush’s floppy 2-inch cigar long enough to talk.

Let’s leave the Faux New Two Minute Hate Points alone for a while and consider the *shudder* reality based facts. Your hero Reagan multiplied the Federal deficit and National Debt to an unprecedented degree. Bush I continued the trend. They both raised spending, decreased government efficiency through no oversight privatization and – yes, their own budget directors confirmed this – devastated revenues by cutting taxes on the very wealthy and the largest corporations far beyond the levels under the Eisenhower Administration.

Clinton actually ran a budget surplus for the first time in decades by merely undoing some of the most egregious giveaways and slowing the increase in military pork.

Bush II spent the surplus, raised taxes on the Middle and Working class, slashed them on the very wealthiest, spent the surplus and quintupled the National Debt.

He got us into the two longest wars in US history without any thought as to how to pay for the estimated three trillion dollar cost. He gave the worst of the banks a trillion dollars and allowed them to refinance it with 0% interest from the Fed. The pharma companies quite literally wrote the Medicare Part D bill for hundreds of billions of dollars with no cost containment and no mention of how to pay for it.

These were the years of record earmarks, the quarter billion dollar Bridge to Nowhere and multi hundred billion dollar deals benefiting companies with which the President, Vice President and several cabinet members had ongoing financial interests. They provided new laws to subsidize moving American jobs overseas which put more into poverty and decreased the tax base even further.

This was the Administration which said, and I quote, “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”

For about a hundred years Democrats have consistently and undeniably been better about fiscal discipline.

And you are a Kool Aid drinking mindless parrot.

My response is

LOL A. Nuran you talk about hate from other people but you can’t possibly be hateful while dissing Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and me all in one post.

Now to address your points,

1) Conservatives don’t like too much spending whether it is done from Democrats or Republicans. I am a conservative, not a Republican faithful, I am against all big spending.

However, we give Reagan a pass on the spending because he defeated the Soviet Union in an arms race and he rendered the USSR broke.

2) It seems to me Reaganomics was more about tax cuts than about cutting spending. Reagan signed large tax cuts. In the Reagan years, the unemployment rate did indeed decrease. Both Bushes got the unemployment rate down.

3) Real conservatives believe deficits do matter regardless of what administrations say.

4) Clinton balanced the budget at the expense of the military as an attempt to literally castrate it. Obama blew up the national deficit much further than G.W. Bush did.

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