Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pro-Illegal Argument Refuted

Argument: It is impratical to deport 12 million illegals.

Refutation: It wouldn't be all at once. Deporting them in smaller numbers at a time than 12 million all at once is indeed practical.

Liberal: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Racist!!!!!!!! The unemployment of American citizens DON'T MATTER!!!! We IS must help the poor mehikans before we give jobs to citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mexican: Waaaaaaah!!!!! EStas es racist!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooo i es not want to be kicked to mehiko oh well ahora that I am back I might as well beat up a couple of Guatamalans who are in Mexico illegally.

On a serious note: It is no joke that Mexico treats their illegal immigrants from the rest of South America in a horrible inhumane manner.

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