Friday, July 9, 2010

Next Stop Sodom and Gomorrah

Once again the liberals have shown that when their agenda is unpopular by the majority of Americans, they shove it down our throats via the courts.

Yesterday, a federal judge in Boston knocked down the 1996 federal law that says marriage is only a marriage of man and woman.

Gay marriage has failed in every state that it was put to a popular vote.

The lie behind the liberal agenda alleges that disallowing gay marriage is discrimination; however this is a fallacy because gay marriage is not the same thing as heterosexual marriage. Duh, heterosexual marriage is man and woman, and homo marriage is same gender obviously; and the law treats different behaviors differently all the time, thus it is not discrimination for the law to treat homosexuals differently as heterosexuals.

Liberals want to equate "discrimination" of homosexuals as the same thing as racial discrimination and this is a bad comparison because gays are not a race, gays are a behavior.

Gays can never equate themselves with heterosexual marriage because gays don't create new life. They don't share in the sacrifice that normal people do when they marry and go through the trouble to have kids and raise them. A gay advocate may be like "oh well gays can raise kids too," but it's better for the government to promote healthy heterosexual families so that kids can be with their own parents. Gays want their desire for personal gratification to be equated with the duties of father and mother. There is no comparison.


Cora said...

I don't know if I should be seeing red with rage or cry with a broken heart at seeing your words...either way, I need a break.

SJ said...

I sincerely apologize if it is a bombshell relative to you, but this is a conservative blog. So, over here, I am going to articulate * gasp * conservatism.

SJ said...

I would augment with this though - When I say that "discrimination" against gays is a b.s. argument, it is strictly about the issue of marriage.