Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adam, Eve, and serpent in secular history??!

This Babylonian seal is in the British Museum.

A nonbiblical interpretation of it is that it is common contemporary image of a woman worshipping a horned god.

The horns can also be like an animal hide and none of the hair was chizzled in very well.

A biblical speculation would be that that's Eve, Adam, and the serpent and the tree of knowledge; indeed I will grant that there's no proof that the seal refers to biblical figures, but it is interesting to speculate if it can be coupled with the global flood stories to form a correlation.

Here are some external links on the matter.

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Now, I decided to stop doing the Nonfundamentalist Bible Study in its previous form becaue I did not want my religion posts to numerically overshadow my politics posts. There will still be plenty of posts upcoming about the Bible of course.

There is a hanging question that I left of why I think the Garden of Eden is not of this world. The answer is to look at who is garding the gates of the Garden of Eden in the Bible. They are no where to be found, so in my opinion they are probably not of this world.

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