Monday, June 21, 2010

Are Obama And BP Doing Everything They Can To Clean The Oil Spill?

Check out these clips from the Huckabee show to find out the answer, which of course, is no.

Clearly, Obama and BP's handling of the oil spill is an epic fail.

Also I want to point out that trying to punish BP by taking business away from it is a bad idea. Starving BP will just make it less able to pay damages and for "cleanup" and stuff like that, assuming they are actually doing something. XD I'm not saying go out of the way to give business to BP, but let's have some foresight when it comes to thoughts about punishing BP at the gas stations and stuff like that.

The last point I want to make on this matter is that I'm not sure how constitutional it was for the Obama Administration to make BP start up a 20 billion dollar account for paying claims. It would seem to me that BP should be more answerable to the courts than to the executive branch. I am not defending BP though, indeed they have plenty of damages that they gotta pay up. What I am saying is that perhaps Obama could have handled it in a manner that is truer to the constitution.

Now, i'm going to change the subject and talk about the Arizona issue. It was an absolute disgraaaaaaaace for Hillary Clinton to announce the plans of the Obama Administration to sue Arizona, in Ecuador before first informing the governor of Arizona. Failure to secure the border has made the Arizona part of the border unsafe for American citizens, and it made Phoenix a kidnapping hotbed; in other words, Mexico's crime problem spilling out into the United States. Obama's position on the matter of illegal immigration shows more concern for the welfare of illegals than it does for the welfare of American citizens.

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