Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obama Is Goin Down Route 666, HIT THE BREAKS!!!!!

This is the Highway to Hell. It is awesome when AC DC sings it. It is not awesome when B. Hussein Obama takes us on it. B.

Hussein Obama is doing the exact opposite that he needs to do in order to fix the economy. Yahoo! News: Millions Face Tax Increass Under Democrat's Budget Plan. This is Weimar Republic all over again. Everyone knows from history that one cannot simply print new money in order to pay off a national debt, it brings a nation on a dangerous path to hyperinflation. Obama is already a huuuuuge spender By March 16, 2010, the deficit was already up by $2 Trillion, on Obama's watch. This guy don't care how much stuff costs because it is not his money. It is the age old game of the Democrats to get elected with popularity that's bought with everyone else's money.

Obamacare has taxes for everyone, not just people making over $200 Grand like Obama promised. Here is a well citationed list of the taxes that obamacare brings. On top of that, B. Hussein Obama is talking about adding a European style Value Added Tax (VAT) to the USA which is a tax on business transactions.

A VAT is a bad idea because it is a slippery slope. In Britian VAT was 15% until 1991, then after 1991 it was increased to 17.5%, and at leaaaaaaaaaast the British had the commonsense to lower it to 15% in the economic crisis of 2008; unlike obama who has already raised taxes in the middle of economic troubles. Spain's VAT is 16%, Israel's is 16.5%, Russia is 18%, Sweeden is 25%, the Netherlands is 15.97%, France Italy and Germany varies give or take between 5 and 20%. It is obvious that a VAT would slow down economic recovery in the USA.

The fact that Obama and the Democrats have raised taxes and are considering even more tax raises is indicative that they have lost all grounding on reality. To do this in the middle of a foreclosure crisis and record high unemployment is something from the Twilight Zone. We are no longer in the real world. We are in a horror novel and Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are the antagonists.

The American economy is a consumer driven economy. Consumers spend -> companies get more money -> companies hire more people. The obvious solution to the unemployment problem in the USA is to lower taxes and lower spending; since deficit spending is not much more than pretending to be able to afford something. Lowering taxes and lowering spending would allow individuals to spend and companies to hire more people.

B. Hussein Obama is doing the exact opposite. Also, all of Bush's 2001 tax cuts are going to expire at the end of 2010. Instead of truly creating jobs, Obama would rather create new entitlements and try to be popular via spending other people's money, and it is ruining the USA. Work skills deteriorate. It becomes harder and harder to explain to interviewers why one was unemployed for so long.

Now, it is true that Obama did not cause the economic crisis. It is also true that Obama is unnecessarily prolonging the economic crisis by doing the exact opposite of what he should be doing. Hopefully in November, Americans will vote for real tax cutting and spending cutting conservatives who will turn direction away from the Route 666 that Obama is taking.

On a final note, if you can't be conservative on social issues, then you can be libertarian which is liberal on social issues and conservative on economic issues and it is a separate ideological stream from both liberalism and conservatism.


Shalmo said...

Hussein eh?

Nice to know Obama is a Jew!

SJ said...

Shalmo said...

where a name comes from is irrelevant. All the jewish months are named after babylonian gods, and most of the terminology and names in the Tanakh comes from pagan societies

And Hussein/Hasan is a common jewish name in the sephardic community.

SJ said...

Shalmo you are the one bringing up Obama's name. And something tells me sephardic jews have nothing to do with Obama.

Also, Obama's name has nothing to do with this thread quite frankly.