Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama And The Road To Destruction

Ordinary Americans come from the tradition that circumstance has mandated the United States to be the unilateral world superpower and the world's police officer. Barack Obama, who is more to the left than Jimmy Carter, comes from the leftist tradition that the world is better if it is a "multipolar world" where wonderful places like KGB-Putin Russia, Communist China, Islamist Iran, etc. would be able to keep the "big bad" United States in check.

It stands to reason that in order to realize Obama's multipolar dream, Obama and his leftist Democrats have to make the United States atrophy its military and economic might, which surprise, they keep doing.

After all the billions and billions of dollars in bailouts and stimulus that Obama and the Democrats spent, the national unemployment rate is no better. Obama and the Congressional Democrats have spent the United States Treasury into the ground by countless billions of dollars and they are failing to provide results in terms of the national unemployment rate.

Obama has castrated the United States SPACE PROGRAM. If anything, the space program should be given a blank check for research and development and education.

Obama is not upgrading our nukes but rather he is reducing their number. Obama is not getting the ball rolling about military action against Iran, anyone who thinks there's a chance Iran will disarm peacefully is a retard. If God forbid an Iranian nuke goes off in the United States because of a terrorist, it is likely that the anti-war liberals from the big cities the big economic centers on the east and west coasts of the USA will be among the first to be barbecued. Are you listening New Yorkers? Out of self preservation, individuals living in the big cities and economic centers of the USA should be amongst the most pro-war of all Americans.

No good will come out of the path Obama is taking the USA down.


Garnel Ironheart said...

> No good will come out of the path Obama is taking the USA down.

On the contrary. To get a Reagan you need to go through a Carter.

I just hope you guys have another Reagan in the wings. You're gonna need him once Obama has finished emasculating the country.

SJ said...

Romney/Palin would be a good ticket.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Romney/Palin would be a disaster. Here's why:
Other than Fox, the Democrats control the media in the US. As a result, they can create any perception of the candidates they want. The best example of this is Dan Quayle who might not be the best person for the job of VP but certainly isn't the idiot the press made him out to be.
Romney/Palin would be savaged by the so-called mainstream media. Romney, as a Mor(m)on would have his religious beliefs questioned and ridiculed. Palin, well we all know what they think of her. In the end there would be so much vitriol that the undecided who aren't happy with Hussein and Biden would vote for them anyway because "better the idiots you know".
Now if Gingrich could get on the card you'd have something.

SJ said...

The "mainstream media" is not mainstream anymore. MSNBC's ratings is in the shits and so is CNN. Fox crushes all of them. Even Sarah Palin's Fox tv show crushes all of them.

Noone will make fun of Romney's business experience.

I'm not sure how much of a chance Gingrich has because of the baggage Gingrich has from the Clinton years.

Liberalism itself is not mainstream. Gallup says there's more conservatives than liberals in every state and thanks to Obama, independents lean more conservative.