Friday, March 19, 2010 Debunked Part One

This is the First in the series of debunking Let us begin with the top of home page.

>> Evangelical Christianity has spent over one billion dollars in the last decade to convert Jews to Christianity. Under the guise of "Jews for Jesus" and Hebrew Christians," a new threat of spiritual terrorism has emerged in the form of "Messianic Synagogues," whose theological tenets are identical to the Christian fundamentalists who created them. Their ultimate goal is the eradication of the Jewish people through assimilation it is our obligation to stop them.

  • It would seem to me, evangelical Christianity is out to convert everyone lol not just jews.

  • The founder of Jews for Jesus is Martin Mayer Rosen, who seems to go by his Hebrew name sometimes, Moishe Rosen. Rosen apparently comes from an orthodox and reform Jewish background and then became a Baptist minister.

  • Referring to other religious beliefs as "spiritual terrorism" is extremist. Everyone has the right to partake in the free market of ideas. There is no moral equivalence between changing someones mind about religion and murdering someone, to suggest that there is such a moral equivalence is extremist.

  • Jews for Jesus and messianic Judaism are two separate movements. Jews for Jesus seems to be largely in line with fundamentalist Christianity, and messianic judaism is much more open to maintaining jewish expressions of religiosity i.e. kasharut, saturday sabbath, etc.

  • I've never been to a messianic synagogue and I don't plan on it, but judging from the websites of messianic synagogues in New York City, the religious leadership seems to be jews.

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SJ said...

As a side note, in this article here from 2002, Rabbi Tovia Singer laments that people would rather assimilate and be ordinary people rather than be orthodox. Hard to figure out why. lol It has nothing to do with the orthodox being too damn strict. XD