Sunday, December 20, 2009

Terrible Hypocricy of Orthodox Judaism

The Failed Messiah blog has a sad but extremely relevant point on orthodox hypocrisy and that is, haredim try to fight modern orthodox conversions but chabad and "Rabbi" Tropper's conversions are still valid to haredim. Chabad of course, is messianic, a breach of Maimonides' 13 principles of faith that orthodox jews consider unbreakable, and "Rabbi" Tropper's sex scandal, his abuse of authority, made it to the New York Post.

How are people supposed to want to become Jewish with nonsense like this? Stuff that takes away Judaism's role as a culturally attractive force is not good for the Jewish people or Judaism.

What personally detracted me from Judaism more more than anything is that it is too focused on lifestyle stringencies that have no practical benefit to them. "We do stuff because God (i.e. rabbinical interpretations of the Torah) tells us so, and we don't have to understand it," does not work for me.

Another nice wonderful aspect of orthodox society is that even though the Torah says that people should not be held responsible for the wrongdoings of their parents, orthodox girls as a whole would rather date people from orthodox families, rather than halacha following individuals not from orthodox households. Chumra after chumra for dietary laws but not for ethical laws. O.o

One can believe in God without dealing with the bull shit that orthodox judaism makes people go through.


jewish philosopher said...

Stop whining and just do what God wants you to do.

SJ said...

That's fine because what God wants and what Rabbis want is very different.

Vashty said...

SJ, your comment about the conversions was right on the money.

Garnel Ironheart said...

JP's point is quite sound. Yes Rav Tropper appears to be a grade 1 hypocrite. Yes, there are other frum people who are screwing up the Torah for their own selfish ends. But in the end we all have a personal relationship with God we have a responsibility to maximize.

Me, I like what someone else pointed out: of the three "big" rabbis who arranged the Sliffkin ban, one is now in prison and the other is Tropper. Makes one wonder what they'll get the third guy on.

SJ said...

I can never accept that not cooking an animal in its mother's milk equals total separation of meat and dairy no matter how many times it's written in the Torah.

That's for starters. With exaggerations like these who the hell knows if Moses himself exaggerated stuff? Assuming there was a Moses.

By the way Garnel, I think you meant "Rav" Tropper not Rav Tropper. ;D