Monday, November 16, 2009

Haredim Mechalal Shabbat During Protest For Shabbat & Haredim Ignore Dina DiMalchut Dina & Haredim Desecrate Synagogue

(quick vocab: dina dimalchut dina = law of the land, mechalal shabbat = in violation of sabbath)

From the article: "Meanwhile, The Jerusalem Post learned that the riots on Shabbat had been far worse than originally reported, and that in addition to the rocks and epithets hurled at journalists and other bystanders, haredim had broken into a synagogue on Intel's premises, thrown prayer books to the floor and used prayer stands to bash in the doors."

It's been a while since my yeshiva days, but breaking and entering has to be a violation of some kind of malacha. (malacha = action not allowed on sabbath). Don't tell me that it's not.

Since breaking and entering is a violation of Shabbat, it begs the question, is the haredi rioting about religious piety, or about wanting control?


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

Is that required reading thing the stuff at the bottom?

It's all old stuff with a bunch ragging on a blog that doesn't even exist anymore.

Haven't you found another job yet?

SJ said...

Very funny Garnel, i know FactualBasis ran away from the JBlogosphere when I asked him what he does for fun.

I still view the points I made on these posts as relevant.