Monday, November 5, 2007


>> save me your harassment

save me *from* your harassment.

spare me.

that works too


Its late and I'm tired. :-


Anonymous said...

adam, you have a point, but is the bottom line you will like to gain, by venting your disapprovment with orthodoxy. I think there is something bothering you, some bad experience with the orthodox and youre not allowing youre self to heal, u need to forget it, and worry about how youre going to live your own life. Question not the orthodox? but rather why is adam so obsess with them? aslo adam u need to embrace and discriminate, you don't like the orthodox preach ignore it, just as you ignore the muslim calling for prayer. let your self heal and not indulge in conversation and arugmentative discussion and questions where there are no real answers? As marx said, why spend some much time questioning metaphysical existence, when u should focus and how you can prosper in this world. Good job, wife, kids, happiness, thanksgiving parties,

In conclusion"FUCK THE FREE WORLD".

SJ said...

I merely feel that the influence of the 'religion is not supposed to be fun' Orthodox Jews has to be checked, challenged, and defeated.

Do you want your kids to grow up in a society where secular studies are discouraged, with regular clothing disallowed, while the outside world is censored, and with contact with both the opposite gender and the outside world strongly discouraged?

Not me.

Garnel Ironheart said...

I think Anonymous has a good point. One of the interesting psychological things about hatred is that it is often accompanied by obsession similar to that which comes with lust (see my blog for this use of the word). Just as a person in lust can't stop thinking about the object of their affection, a person in hate can't stop thinking about the thing they hate.

Now, I don't think you hate Judaism, or Jews, Heaven forbid. I do think you're preoccupied with a stereotype: The Orthodox Jew who wants all religion to be boring and conformist, who wants to take all the fun and knowledge of the real world out of your life. It seems to bother you that he exists even though he has no real power over you and can't affect how you live your life. Is your sense of legitimacy as a Jew threatened by his existence and his insistence that his way is the only way? Do you then feel threatened by Christian and Muslim fundamentalists who say the same things about Judaism in toto?
Orthodox Jews are - suprises, surprise - just like everyone else. We have bad apples, good apples and everything in between. There are those for whom smiling is forbidden d'oraisa, and those who think that if you're not happy, you're not "doing Jewish" the right way.
In summary, a bad experience with one part of the Orthodox world, which I'm guessing you've had at some point or the other, is not a reason to dismiss the entire thing. You wouldn't, for example, dismiss Latin American culture if you met some misogynistic gaucho who beat his wife to the beat of "La Vida Loco". Don't do the same to your own people.

Garnel Ironheart said...

By the way,as for your quote at the top of your blog, remember that right after the Civil War ended, Captain America was killed for speaking his mind. I liked Spider Man's line better:

Falcon: The hardest question is to ask yourself if you're wrong.
Spidey: No, the hardest question is "What are doing in bed with my wife?" There's never a good answer to that.

SJ said...

>> It seems to bother you that he exists even though he has no real power over you and can't affect how you live your life.

He controls much of the Jewish establishment. I do not want some nutcase telling my kids for example, that they should not even talk to the opposite sex when there is nothing wrong with it.

Secondly, I would recommend as a better description of how Captain America died.

Garnel Ironheart said...

I'll go with the actual comic although Marvel being the way they are, he won't stay dead long.

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