Monday, September 23, 2013

Why judaism is not manly

- kashrut makes the cost of meat too prohibitive so lots of religious Jews don't eat enough healthy nonprocessed meats

- most Jews don't lift weights religious ones don't even get in enough protein

-  judaism is pussywhipped in a divorce situation the man has to give a get regardless if the woman plays fair or not.

- judaism is too white collar too much wearing suits sitting in offices arrogant to people who don't wear suits and of course not enough bodybuilding or athletic training real men gives the suits a rest once in a while

- acceptance of abortion and homoasssexuality sorry retards you are not real men if you accept women killing babies and if you think penises going up asses is ok.

- most Jews are still anti gun you would think after 2000 years of persecution and a holocaust Jews would learn their lesson about personal protection devices aka guns. But noooooooooo. Faggots.

There u have it judaism: guilty of not bein real men.

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