Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Mr. Lohta and Mr. Catsimatidis,

I am a New Yorker. I am also an economic, foreign policy, social, and constitutional conservative.

I am writing to inform the both of you that I will likely be voting Democrat for the first time ever in the city mayoral race in disgust of the stop and frisk program.

Stop and frisk is not conservatism.

The real conservatism is honoring the fourth and second amendments to the constitution allowing everyone to possess a firearm. This way, self defense and crime deterrence are both privatized and the city does not need to spend endless monies on police whose commanders force them to spend the vast majority of their time harassing drivers and not following up on the real crime.

I was robbed and stabbed once while working. I wish I had a gun. If I tried to call police, the criminal would have killed me, thus I could only call police when the criminal ran away.

You can have the best trained cops in the whole wide world and it don't mean anything when the criminal is next to you; any criminal worth his salt will NOT not let a victim call police.

So essentially-

  • Police aren't around to protect innocents from the real crimes.
  • Police are around to harass people to fulfill their illegal quotas productivity goals for traffic tickets and 250s.
  • The second amendment is dead in NYC and the fourth is to follow.
Noone should ever have to be afraid of the police if they aren't doing anything illegal, and on top of that, police shouldn't be burdened with productivity goals illegal quotas.

As such, although I strongly disagree with the Democrats' values, I do believe that the NYPD is in need of federal oversight.



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