Thursday, April 25, 2013

Judaism Especially Orthodox Judaism Is Too Corporate Of A Religion

It costs too god damn much how can I not call it a corporate religion?

In between yeshiva/day school tuition, kosher food, and synagogue costs, Judaism will not just cut off an arm and a leg, it will CUT YOUR BALLS OFF.

This is how it works in Orthodox Judaism:

- Rich people donate and get honored.

- Poor people get donated to.

- People in between rich and poor get authoritarianism. It starts with white shirt on Shabbat only, then it becomes white shirts or blue shirts, then it becomes white shirts only. If you openly voice skepticism you can fugget about ever getting married also.

On top of that, Orthodox Judaism is NOT GEARED to solve ----------------ANY-------------------------- ----------- personal or societal problems. In orthodox communities there is rampant drugs and alcohol abuse, lack of secular education, lack of healthy eating and exercise habits, and thought control.

Fuck man it costs so much money to be an orthodox jew these idiots should lose their tax exempt status cause it sure don't look like a nonprofit spiritual group.

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