Friday, March 1, 2013

Buddhism = Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Problems With Buddhism

1) What is the goal in life of Buddhism? Nirvana. Emptiness. Wow so much emptiness to look forward to being a Buddhist sounds exciting. In contrast the goal in life of the Bible is to attain pleasure in closeness to God in Heaven. God has a wedding banquet prepared for humanity up there and he wants people to show up.

2) Buddhism does not believe the soul exists, and only karmic energies gets reincarnated in Buddhism. This is borderline incoherent. To contrast that In creation, God gave humanity the breath of life and that's where souls come from. (Hebrew word neshama means breath and spirit) The soul does exist and to deny it is to be a pessimistic mother fucker. On top of that; reincarnation a lie that the serpent gave to Eve telling her that she will never die. People have one shot on Earth to get it right.

3) Buddhism may look cool because of the martial arts, and some of martial arts is indeed a useful skill. However, when the Kingdom of God comes human nature will change and society will be pacifist. Martial arts and weapons and combat training will be obviated.

4) MEDITATION HAS CONTRAINDICATIONS Even yoga poses have contraindications if you look up a pose on the internet.

5) The martial arts promotes bowing to people. I suppose this could be ok in the west to be respectful to your training partner but some martial arts promote bowing to deceased martial arts experts in the school's lineage and this is unacceptable as Asian style ancestor worship aka ITS PAGAN.

6) The Buddha statue is an idol. Comeon cut the crap bowing to a statue is idol worship.

7) While western Buddhism purports atheism, the real Buddhism in Asia borrows from the Hindu pantheon and believes in demons.

8) While I do not observe the Sabbath the way an orthodox jew would, resting for one day a week is more balanced than the Buddhist goal of making people into monks. In creating the Sabbath, God makes the important point that HE is the creator of rest, not Buddhists.

Would you rather rest before the master of the universe or before a statue that can be pissed on?

9) Buddhism suggests that men can become Gods by reincarnating as devas, the creator beings who are "nongods" in Buddhism. This reeks of the serpent's lie to Eve, "ye shall be as Gods." Humanity is only in the IMAGE of God to indicate how special humanity is compared to the rest of life on Earth. We are not components of God we are not gods we will never be gods.

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Princess said...

This reminds me of Ravi Zacharias' book, "Jesus Talks to Buddha," where he claims that Buddhism teaches a debt without a debtor.