Sunday, February 17, 2013

Judaism's Failings (to name a few)

- Judaism doesn't try to answer why life can be tough sometimes and beyond the simplistic "hashem is testing you"

- Judaism does not have an answer for poverty. College is less and less of an option due to rank unemployment.

- Judaism is almost completely fallen to the gay and abortion agenda.

- Judaism EITHER goes against the bible and establishes hell when the prophets say that God will not remember the sins of the penitent OR goes against the bible saying there will be no hell at all.

- Judaism minimizes Satan's role as a real enemy of humanity.

- Judaism minimizes science knowledge. You can't take care of yourself properly without a minimum of science knowledge

- Judaism is just too god damn strict holy fuckin shit

- Judaism is too expensive it looks more like a community of customers than a community of the faithful. Every little thing in judaism you gotta buy something for it even for the weekly rest day there's crap you gotta buy for it. A cost-free spiritual judaism ain't gonna happen cause of the rip-off prices of kosher food.

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